Additional Awards

Spokesmodel Award-
The contestant with the highest overall score from Red Fashion Wear.

Miss Congeniality-​The recipient of the Congeniality Award is the contestant who is judged by her peers to be the most congenial, charismatic, and inspirational pageant participant.

Spirit of Pageantry Award-​This award is given by the All American Pageant staff to the contestant who best represents all that is good in pageantry: sportsmanship, sisterhood, and teamwork.

Director's Award-This award is given by the All American Pageant director to the contestant who best demonstrates time management, dedication to pageant, and compassion towards fellow contestants. 

People's Choice Award-This award is given to the contestant with the most votes from the general public. 

Cover Girl Award-This award is given to the contestant who sells the most ads in the program book.

Crown Award-This award is given to the national titleholder that put forth much effort (not the Ambassador title).

Patriotic Award-This award is given to the contestant who brings the most items for the national platform.

Veteran Award - This award is in Memory of Sgt. Robert J. Sullivan Jr. (Open to Active Duty, Inactive Military, Reservists and honorably discharged Veterans.

*NEW* Sisterhood Award-This award is given to the contestant with the most votes from the general public.

Talent-For this category, the contestant must prepare a 2-3 minute talent. No matter what your skill level, this competition provides the perfect setting to showcase each contestant.

Photogenic-Based on the contestant who photographs “naturally”, the contestant's headshot may be casual or professional, but not larger than 8x10. ​

Community Service- For this competition, the judges look at the contestant's involvement in the community. Contestants must submit a community service resume to the national office by the entry deadline.

All contestants are scored individually in the following areas:

Interview (50%)-The interview is panel style for 5 minutes. Each contestant will be interviewed by a group of judges. Interview counts as 50% of a contestant's score.

Runway Wear (25%)-Runway wear is an outfit that you would see in a runway fashion show. Runway Fashion wear counts as 25% of a contestant's score.

Evening Wear (25%)-Contestants are encouraged to choose an evening gown that fits their personally and personal style. Evening Gown counts as 25% of a contestant's score

Since there is no comparative judging, contestant's

scores reflect their individual performances.  

Final Competition Areas

*Each contestant receives entry to ONE optional competition which must be designated. The entry fee is $50  for additional entry to optional competitions.

Friday Fashion Show 

​​Honoring women of all ages, sizes, and statuses
for their personal achievement and community involvement!

All American Pageant & Mrs. All American Pageant

Optional Competitions

Show Me Your State Costume -
The contestant will wear an outfit that represents their state.  Reigning queens will wear an outfit that represents their country.

Fun Fashion Wear The contestants and reigning queen will model an outfit of personal choice.

Little Black Dress Awards Ceremony-​The contestants and reigning queens will wear their choice of a little black dress for the Friday Award Ceremony. Awards for overall talent, people’s choice award, community service, photogenic, cover girl, and patriotic queen (national platform) will be given at the Friday Awards Ceremony. Lifetime Queens will wear Red. 

*Those competing in the talent competition will be competing at the Fun Fashion Show. The overall talent winner will perform their routine/song at the final pageant show.