Areas of Competition

Optional Competitions

Additional Awards

Royal Queen-
The contestant with the highest overall score will be awarded the Royal Queen title and will not be available for divisional titles.

Miss Congeniality-​The recipient of the Congeniality Award is the contestant who is judged by her peers to be the most congenial, charismatic, and inspirational pageant participant.

Spirit of Pageantry Award-​This award is given by the All American Pageant staff to the contestant who best represents all that is good in pageantry: sportsmanship, sisterhood, and teamwork.

Director's Award-This award is given by the All American Pageant director to the contestant who best demonstrates time management, dedication to pageant, and compassion towards fellow contestants. 

People's Choice Award-This award is given to the contestant with the most votes from the general public. 

Supermodel with Style- This is the chance for contestants to strut their stuff as a supermodel with style. Contestants entered in this competition will be judged on their fun fashion and runway walk.

Talent-  For this category, the contestant must prepare a 2-3 minute talent. No matter what your skill level, this competition provides the perfect setting to showcase each contestant.

Photogenic-  Awarded to the contestant who best photographs “naturally”. Photo may be casual or professional, but not larger than 8X10. ​

Community Service-Contestants must submit a community service resume to the national office by the entry deadline.

One free optional per contestant. Each additional optional category will be a $50.00 entry fee.

All contestants are scored individually in the following areas:

Interview (50%)-Interview is one-on-one style which means that each contestant is interviewed individually for 5 minutes with each judge. Interview counts as 50% of a contestant's score.

Runway/Fashion Wear (25%)-Runway Fashion wear is an outfit that you would see in a runway fashion show. Runway Fashion wear counts as 25% of a contestant's score.

Evening Wear (25%)-Contestants are encouraged to choose an evening gown that fits their personally and personal style. Evening Gown counts as 25% of a contestant's score

Since there is no comparative judging, contestant's

scores reflect their individaul performances.  

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