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 All American Pageants​​

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*Applications should be sent to allamericandirector@gmail.com as soon as possible. Other paperwork and digital photos for the program book should be sent electronically to aacontestant@gmail.com by September 11, 2018. 


Pageant Fees

The Price for the 2019 All American & Mrs. All American National Pageant Optional Competitions are as follows:

Each contestant may participate in one optional competition of choice for free. Optional competitions include Community Service, Photogenic, Supermodel with Style, or Talent.  To compete in additional optionals, the entry fee is $50.00 per category. 

Optional Competition Fees

The Price for the 2019 All American & Mrs. All American Pageant:

National pageant fee is [TBA] for one entry. If you would like to enter the second pageant, the cost would be a [TBA] for two pageant divisions. Qualifying delegates may compete in both pageants. Will start accepting applications for the 2019 All American & Mrs. All American Pageant on January 1, 2018.

State or regional crowns can be purchased for $50.00 (Not required). State sashes are included with entry fee, along with one free optional competition entry.If you already have a state sash and crown please contact the Director.

No application will be reviewed or accepted until the application fee is paid in full. Make money orders payable to All American Pageants or fees may also be paid through PayPal at allamericanpageants852@gmail.com.  

Payment arrangements can be made by contacting the Director at allamericandirector@gmail.com.
*Former Queens of the All American & Mrs. All American pageant are eligible to compete.