Passport to Travel [Tampa, Florida]
Phyllis Davis, Hair and Makeup Artist
Queen’s Corner, Custom Crown Pillows
The Grand Hotel

Pageant Planet, Livestreaming
Tiara Connections
Tricky Stitches

Ultimate Fashions

Ywjingling Jewelry

...and the All American Staff (Enid Kelley, Jessica Tate, Patricia Sullivan, Teresa Mudrow and Vicki West)

Adopt Hope, Kelly Buthy
AWS Entertainers, Official DJ
Crown Awards, Trophies
Crown Clips, Rhonda Howdyshell
Johnson Popcorn

Looking Glass Photography

Marc DeFang New York

​Mary Kay

Minuteman Press of Salisbury

​Next Level Youth Pageant & Mentoring 

​Pageantry and Prom Time Magazine

Paparazzi, Jean Grosso


2019 Pageant Sponsors

National Crown 

National Sash with Rhinestones

National Crown Pin

National Scepter

National Trophy

Crown Pillow

Crown Case


Pageantry Magazine

Carrington & Fitch Photo Shoot

Cruise or Resort Getaway (Discounted)

...and more!


National Queen Prizes

​​Honoring women of many ages, sizes, and statuses
for their personal achievement and community involvement!

All American Pageant  & Mrs. All American Pageant