Marc Defang All American Shoes

The All American Pageant is excited to announce that Marc Defang will be a sponsor at the upcoming national pageant. Recently, Marc Defang released his NEW Floater Sneaker in his 2018 shoe line. In partnering with Marc Defang, he has agreed to provide shoes at a discounted price for the All American Pageant. The shoe will be a white floater sneaker with rhinestones. Each reigning queen and contestant needs to purchase a pair of  the All American Rhinestone Floaters. As a sponsor, Marc Defang is offering these shoes at a discounted price. Anyone associated with the pageant (even friends and family) may purchase these shoes. He has designed these shoes with comfort in mind. Follow the link to the website to pre-order your shoes at the discounted rate for the opening number.

All American Pageant Opening Number T-shirt

This is the link for the upcoming All American Pageant opening number t-shirts, For the opening number, each CONTESTANT and REIGNING QUEEN should order the ALL AMERICAN PAGEANT shirt with the American flag. The t-shirt should be ordered in black. Please order your opening number, before September 1st, to ensure that it is available for the national pageant weekend. Along with the t-shirt, pick your favorite pair of jeans.

Opening Number-October 2019

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