Overall Winners & Special Awards

​​​Overall Winners

All American Royal Queen: Lucy Travaglino

All American International Queen: Amy Vandercapellen

All American Veterans Queen: KaLena Rowell

Mrs All American Woman: Vicky Olson

Mrs. All American: Lindy Scott
Mrs. All American Lady: Tina Hammel

Mrs. All American Woman: Vicky Olson
All American Teen: Aleah Arlington

All American Miss: Michele Rebman
All American Ms: Bella Dean
All American Woman: Melissa Schulte 

All American Lady: Jennifer Hoke

All American Classic: Pam Foster

All American Ambassador: Tanya Amir 

Special Pageant Awards:

Spirit of Pageantry Award: 
Miss Congenaity Award: Kris Scherer

Patriotic Award: 

Cover Girl Award: 
People’s Choice Award: 

Director's Award: 

National Talent Winner: 

Community Service Award: Shamieka Sims

Photogenic Award: 

 Spokesmodel Award: Amelia Rivers Batres

State Costume Award: 

Overall Interview: 

Overall Runway Wear: 

Overall Evening Gown: 

All American Pageant & Mrs. All American Pageant

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for their personal achievement and community involvement!