For the optional community service, a résumé documenting your involvement and appearances must be turned in. A Résumé Example is provided for your convenience.

Contestant numbers and the Interview Schedule will be posted here. Contestants are listed in stage order. Please print a copy and bring the schedule with you to nationals. 

2022 National Pageant Information - October 6 - 9, 2022

Talent Form

Friday Fashion Show


Résumé Example

The pageant emcees will need contestant information to read, during parts of the competition. Please fill out the Stage Sheet​ that has been provided for contestants.

 2022 Opening Number

Opening Number Wardrobe is "The Little Black Dress" with White Sparkling Tennis Shoes and your favorite accessories. 

Information Packet

Contestants and reigning queens will participate in the Friday Royal Blue Autism Awareness fashion show.

Contestants and reigning queens who sell ads are eligible for the Cover Girl Award and the prize package. Please download the Advertisement  information here. 

MC Sheet

Please download the information about the Gift Exchange that will take place after the pizza party.

Each Queen will be responsible to bring one gift to give away.

Gift Exchange

Veteran's Queen

​​Honoring women of all ages, sizes, and statuses
for their personal achievement and community involvement!

This section is for Contestants and Reigning Queens who are eligible to compete for

All American Veteran's Queen  

Pageant Checklist

Packing List

Follow the link and learn the steps to the opening number. The Basic Routine is step-by-step, front and back. Watch, learn and practice this routine before the national pageant.

The Information Packet will provide many specific details about the pageant, wardrobe, hotel, transportation, rules, and so much more. Please read through the details this packet. 

Judge's Sheet

At the pageant, there will be contestant Introductions. This provides information and ideas for your introduction. Keep it SHORT and simple (about 10-15 seconds long).

Opening Number

All American Pageant & Mrs. All American Pageant

Interview Schedule

The Pageant Checklist was created to keep track of important tasks and deadlines that are associated with the national pageant. 

Tonight's Your


to Sparkle & Shine

 Pageant Itinerary

All  contestants need to answer the questions provided on the Judge's Sheet. The judges will use this questionnaire to get to know the contestants during the interview.

This page is designed for the reigning queens and the current contestants that will be competing in the upcoming All American Pageant & Mrs. All American Pageant. The links below provide documents that are important for each of the current contestants and reigning queens. While the group chat will continue to be used, this will be the gathering place for important information. As necessary information is added to the conversations, it can be found here so there is easy access to the updates for each person.

This form is for contestants planning on competing in the talent show portion of this pageant. Please fill out the Talent Form and email it to

Basic Routine


The Pageant Itinerary will provide the dates, times, and locations of events that will occur during the national pageant weekend. *Schedule is subject to change. 

Pageant Wardrobe Lists